We are not ashamed to admit it.. we do have our favorites. And when you love something and have witnessed the results you want to share it with as many people as possible. That is why we have chosen Living Alchemy as our flag ship product available for you at The Glow Collective. This will allow you to buy online, pickup locally as well as shop their unique inventory in store!

Over time we look forward to adding a unique collection of our favorites to their already amazing selection.

How did we end up here?

The Health Hut has been a retail store in Grande Prairie, Alberta since 1979. Proudly serving our community and inspiring those that connected with us to live their days feeling as well as possible.

What we are up to lately...

In June 2022, for a multitude of reasons we chose to transition to online...future projects to come..but for now, here we are!

One brand in particular, LIVING ALCHEMY was extremely hard to let go of and we wanted to be able to provide a local pick up for our community. Living Alchemy has taken supplementing back to its roots... where we believe supplementing belongs.

Over the years we have collaborated on different aspects with The Glow Collective and we knew they would be the perfect place for this venture. My picture is here because if you have any questions I am here for you! Call, Text, Email.. I am here to support you.



Have a great day,


A Few Favorites

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Got Gut Issues?

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Feeling Stressed?

Take the Living Alchemy "StressQuiz" to help you find out which fermented adaptogenic herb will reduce your stress and help you feel alive again!

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